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Photography Tips: Taking Better Fashion Pictures

Since you are in the blogosphere chances are you deal with photography – as a model, as a photographer or both. UByDesign is happy to share with you the following tips, which will make your photos better.

Important: The Light

Lightening is so important that many photographers would tell you taking great pictures boils down to having a great ability to use light in general and the light available at the moment. Light is no doubt crucial for making proper pictures. So, in a pre-organized photo session how to decide which light is best?

Outdoor light is better than indoor light and surely more natural than indoor light with a flash. Whenever conditions permit – go outside! The best outdoor light is on a cloudy day that offers plenty of lightening but no direct sun rays. Sun light makes shadows deeper, brightly covered areas pale and as a result – harsh contrast with fewer details. If you always have sun, opt for morning or afternoon shots, when the sun at least comes from an angle. If you can, wait a few days or hours until the sun is covered by a cloud and rush to capture the moment.

Bright sunlight is difficult to shoot in

Bright sunlight is difficult for taking pictures

Change The Background

Any camera calculates colors and contrast (exposure) by evaluating the whole scene. If you are lucky enough to have a professional DSLR camera you can change this settings but the rule still holds true. So, experiment with the background and choose what works best. The same outfit would come different on gray or green background – at the street or in front of a green garden. Just take some little time to experiment. A contrasting background, but not to the extreme, usually works best.

Experiment with different backgrounds

Experiment with different backgrounds

Make Plenty of Shots

With the cost of each additional digital shot down to almost zero, you have no reason to finish with just a few shots. You would be surprised to learn that a professional model shot is chosen among hundreds of what seem equivalent shots. Make small changes in face look, position, shooting angle etc. and come up with abundance of photos to choose from. You never know beforehand when the camera has captured the right moment.

girl blue dress1

girl blue dress

Quantity lets you choose the quality shot

Equip Well

No matter how much modern smart phones are praised, if you have serious ambitions in making good pictures you’d better invest in a good camera that is equipped to make just that – brilliant professional pictures. There are plenty of options to choose from and if you go for a second-hand older model then the investment wouldn’t be that big as money paid but will surely be rewarding as quality of the final photos.

A proper DSLR camera does make a difference

A proper DSLR camera does make a difference

The Main Idea

Whenever you go out/in for a photo session always ask yourself “What is the single idea behind today’s photos? Is it to show a youthful modern outfit for spring? A practical work outfit? How stylish I am? How comfortable are those new boots?” Define the main idea and work out the details from that point – they will come surprisingly easy when you know what you want to achieve.

Concentrate on what you want to achieve with the photo session

Concentrate on what you want to achieve with the photo session

Good luck and success!

If you have further questions you can always ask at info@ubydesign.net