Colours of Spring 2016: Lavender Gray

Girl, brunette, smile, long hair, gray dress, black background, curly hair, emotions, pleasure, person, happiness

Lavender gray is one of the trendy colours this season. Since it is not a conventional colour, we want to present you a few ideas how to combine it.


Lavender gray

I. The classic – black and white.

It goes without saying that with black and white, as well with jeans, you can wear anything.


Lavender with black and white: a classic combination.

II. Pastel mint.

A beautiful combination, soft and trendy. Lila, gray and mint go well together and this one complements ladies with any skin colour.


III. Beige.

Choose beige with caution – it has to be the cold beige tone, rather than the sunny variety that mixes red and orange.


IV. Light gray.

They go together lovely, since they are both a variety of gray.


V. Dark purple.

A dramatic color combination for mature looks. Here you bring more colour than with any of the above suggestions. Dark purple is a strong colour and in combination with lavender gray creates an outfit that can make a lasting impression.


Some of our items that go well with lavender green:

Light Gray Skinny Jeans

Silk Napapijri Shirt

Beige Trousers

Stay stylish, happy and never forget the best thing you can wear is a smile!



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