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Fashion Trends: Suede



Suede is still at the runaway and we are pleased by the fact! It is a great fabric and is a pleasure to wear – both on feet as well on the rest of the body. Keep in mind, though, that suede requires special care. Don’t frown, with UByDesign tips and a bit of practice, you will learn quickly how to make most of your suede garments.

1. Before you wear it: For shoes, spray with a protective spray (can be purchased in shoe stores). For both garments and shoes – mind the weather before opting for suede. If it’s damp, rainy or wet you’d better leave it at home. Suede does not like water.

2. Spilled liquids: if you spill a liquid be fast to dampen it with a clean towel, handkerchief or whatever you have in hand. Don’t let it soak, if possible.

3. For dirt – remove the dirt carefully, when the fabric is totally dry. Use a special suede brush or a soft tooth brush. Brush in the direction of the fabric.

4. Stains: clean the stains carefully first with rubber. If it doesn’t help try white, clear vinegar – use a little. If that’s not enough opt for a suede cleaner. When this fails your only option left (other than sighing deeply) is professional cleaning service.

5. Store: Garments crumple and are [almost] impossible to iron, so you’d better store them flat. Pay attention that suede is a type of leather so think twice before hanging them – they might stretch and deform. For shoes – use hard paper, paper rolls or any other white material to store while maintaining heir shape. Don’t use printed/colour paper like newspapers – they will leave stains and then… you know 🙂

Take care of your suede, wear it with pleasure and a smile!

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