Monthly Archives: January 2016

Warm Cardigans for Freezing Temperatures

A warm wool cardigan is indispensable when temperatures drop. We are inclined to think that a piece of clothing is either warm or elegant. UByDesign proves cardigans could be both:

A White and Gray Wool Cardigan With a Belt

White and Grey Wool Cardigan

Thick Cream And Black Wool Cardigan

Cream and black thick wool cardigan

Dark Blue Wool Cardigan With Flower Ornaments

Blue wool cardigan with flower ornaments

Thick Black Wool Cardigan

Thick black wool cardigan

Warm Cream Cardigan

Cream Wool Cardigan

You can see details for the cardigans as well many other warm fashion items at UByDesign.


Time For Boots

January is the perfect time to wear boots in the Northern Hemisphere and UByDesign has picked a selection of them for you:

Chic Black Knee Height Boots


Warm Boots for Snowy Days


Comfortable Military Style Boots for Long Walks


For Skinny-Jeans Lovers


The Ultimate Biker Boots


As well a growing selection of other boots sold by other fashion-lovers just for you!

We Are Launching!


UByDesign officially launches today. The website aspires to be the best place on the Internet where style-loving people all over the world can easily exchange items and ideas. Our talented team has worked hard to provide a place, which follows our principles that:

  • People are free to meet and communicate regardless of gender, social status, nationality, looks – and UByDesign is open to everyone.
  • People are Free to meet and communicate – that’s why UByDesign charges no fees and commissions.
  • An online community site has to be well organized and easy to use – that’s why UByDesign has a few simple menus and account settings.
  • Stylish people deserve style – and we place special effort to make UByDesign as stylish and beautiful as you are!
  • We all like to live more environment-conscious lives and trading pre-owned clothes offers a great way to achieve just that!
  • We all like to have more money and trading pre-owned clothes offers a great way to achieve just that!

    Welcome to the community!